Monday, August 20, 2012

Traditional capture of Vicuñas (Chacu) was performed in Pampa Cañahuas

by The Colca Specialist
Yesterday the traditional capture of vicuñas or chacu was performed yesterday in the area of Pampa Cañahuas in Arequipa,located at an altitude of 3,950 mts above sea level inside the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca in Arequipa. The event was organized by the local communas of the area and the representatives of the Municipality of Caylloma province,AUTOCOLCA and other authorities of Arequipa were present in this important event.
The stars of the event were the representatives of the tour guides association from Caylloma province ASGUIP TUCAY: César Antonio Neyra Nuñez (historian) and Guillermo Carlos Rendón Cuadros (native and aboriginal cults investigator) who shared their vast knowledge about andean cosmovision with all the periodists . There were several buses with tour guides but the authorities and the people of the different means sof communication had the luck of having these two recognized professionals as guides.
Because the inca ceremonials have a very deep symbolism it was absolutely necessary to have specialist like the ones above mentioned or by the contrary we would´t have been able to understand the real meaning of this event.
The Word “chacu” means “ not to let to pass” and this traditional capture of vicuñas was performed in an special way specially during the inca period. The people used to create big circles around the animals and everybody carried poles with puppets and whistles in order to scare the animals and finally when the circle was totally closed the male leaders were neutralized and the hair of the vicuñas was clip and then put into the royal deposits of the inca. After theat all the animals were released to their natural environment.
The hair of the vicuñas was exclusively for the use of the Inca or “The Son of the Sun”,in other words the Ruler of the Inca Empire,the hair of the Alpacas was for the noble and the hair of the Llamas was for the common people.
During the traditional capture an andean proest or paq´o performed an offering to the Apuas or spirits of the mountain who are considered as the protector of the vicuñas.
Because the hair of this mammal is much valuable,the vicuñas are actually one of the protected species in the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca.
Afterwards the people proceed to the traditional hair clipping and the ceremonial ended with some traditional dances of the area.
Kodak Time!

César Neyra Nuñez the President of ASGUIP TUCAY giving printed information to the representatives of the different means of communication.

All the people had the oportunity of participating in the Chacu. In this scene we can see the people holding the line and moving forwards scaring in that way the vicuñas in order to make them run towards the nets.

A group of vicuñas captured in Pampa Cañahuas.

An incan priest (Paq´o) performing a ceremonial to Pachamama and to the Apus or Spirits of the Mountain.

The different authorities of Arequipa and Caylloma province were present in this event.

A vicuña being holded carefully due to its agressive nature in order to prepare it for the traditional hair cut.

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