Friday, March 16, 2018

Historia del proyecto Majes

Por The Colca Specialist

Aqui tengo el gusto de presentarles a todos los lectores de The Colca Specialist un documental muy interesante acerca de la historia del denominado Proyecto Majes de vital trascendencia para el desarrollo de la Región Arequipa y el sur del país.

Mountain weather forecasts the right tool for mountainclimbers in Perú.

by The Colca Specialist

Planning to do some mountainclimbing in Perú? The following address I would like to present to you is that of a web page which is a very useful tool for mountainclimbers. We use it continuously in order to forecast the weather conditions and not just to choose the right moment to climb the desired mountains or volcanoes but also to choose the perfect day to visit our main attractions like Colca Canyon in Arequipa. The page is called Mountain Forecast and there you can find more than 11,000 mountain weather forecasts of mountains all around the world. Hope you enjoy your stay in Arequipa-Perú.