Monday, August 6, 2012

Tour guides association from Colca Canyon protest in Arequipa

by The Colca Specialist

The local tour guides association from Colca Valley and Colca Canyon ASGUIP TUCAY sent a letter to the manager of AUTOCOLCA Freddy Jimenez Palacios protesting for the death of the brazilian tourist Paula Sibov.

The secretary of ASGUIP TUCAY Guillermo Carlos Rendón Cuadros considers that the authorities in charge of the administration of this touristic circuit are also responsible for the death of Paula Sibov.

The authorities are responsible for the chaotic situation we have in Arequipa right now city which is being affected by the presence of illegal travel agencies, illegal tour guides,illegal mountainclimbing guides and other problems.The travel agency Southamerican Explorer is responsible for the death of the tourist. Eventhough it is a legal travel agency they hired an illegal tour guide for taking Paula Sibov to the Colca Canyon.

Guillermo Rendón reccommends the visitors to be more cautious when buying tours in Arequipa. It is important to check your guidebooks and also some references from other sources too.

The secretary of ASGUIP TUCAY Guillermo Rendón Cuadros has declared a war to the illegal tour operators and corrupted authorities from Arequipa.

It is not possible that authorities of Arequipa such as the Regional Goverment of Arequipa and others are doing NOTHING to solve the problem.

Freddy Jimenez, manager of AUTOCOLCA announced in these day through the institutional facebook account that informal guides are not going to be allowed in Colca Canyon.

"The death of Paula Sibov should not be in vain! Tourists are friends that sometimes come from so far away just to visit our homeland. We don´t want more dead tourists in Colca Canyon"- said Guillermo Rendón Cuadros,the secretary of ASGUIP TUCAY.

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