Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Overcoming fears

An experience with death in the Apacheta Cemetery of Arequipa

by The Colca Specialist

Yesterday´s night the public beneficence of Arequipa presented an event called “Overcoming Fears” which took place in one of the most well-known cemeteries of Arequipa called “La Apacheta”.

“Overcoming Fears” is a night ghost tour prepared for the different arequipenian means of communication and authorities too. Th especial guests were the members of the tour guides association of Caylloma ASGUIP TUCAY and the teather group PAZ CLOWN from Arequipa.

The circuit inside the cemetery was created by the tourism bachelor Marcela Chilo Tipola who was in charge of the presentation of it. Cesar Antonio Neyra Nuñez, the president of ASGUIP TUCAY association was in charge of providing the historical information during the circuit and the well-known Guillermo Rendón shared with the tourists his deep knowledge in comparative religion.

The teather group PAZCLOWN from Arequipa started the tour with a really beautiful dance called “La danza macabra” a version of “the dead dance” a dance that was introduced in Peru by the spanish conquerors.

The experience of being at night was incredible, and all the participants had an incredible experience inside the cemetery.

The tour was really diffrerent from other ghost tours I took before which were a real disaster. This one was different beacuse we had theather,music,three different kinds of guiding an a special surprise that when it was announced many people felt a little bit scared including me.

Marcela Chilo Tipola, the creator of this night circuit inside La Apacheta Cemetery announced that we were going to be guided by somebody who died before.

That person was the tour guide and famous sportsman Guillermo Rendón who died on July 24th 2006 in a traffic accident in Colca Valley area. He was 30 minutes without pulse and heartbeats inside the ambulance with a doctor a nurse and then after that he came back to life again.

That made the difference. Guillermo Rendón didn´shared only his vast knowldege in Comparative Religion and aboriginal cults but also his experience with death during the accident.

The circuit ended with a very deep message : LIVE THE PRESENT.

All the participants considered that this event was really great and that the authorities of tourism of Arequipa should do its best in order to create new touristic circuits like this one.

Eventhough that the representatives of tourism in Arequipa Luis Venero La Torre and representatives of Promperu didn´assist to the event.Authorities like these should be buried quickly in the sand of forgetness.

Congratulations to all the participants and see you next time!

The Colca Specialist.

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