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Brazilian tourist Paula Sibov dies tragically in Colca Canyon

Southamerican Explorer Travel Agency from Arequipa sold tour to Paula Sibov

Illegal guide was a student of Elmer Faucett Institute from Arequipa

by The Colca Specialist

The dead student Ciro Castillo has already a companion and this time I am writing about the brazilian Paula Sibov,a 24 year-old medicine student in Brazil who died tragically on Sunday 22 when she was doing a trekking tour in Colca Canyon.
Paula Sibov bought a trekking tour to Colca Canyon with a travel agency from Arequipa called Southamerican Explorer .The travel agency where Paula bought the tour was identified by the police officers thanks to the receipt they found in her pockets.According to the tourists Paula was not informed properly about the physical requirements needed to do a trekking tour in Colca Canyon and besides the travel agency endorse the tourists to a cheaper tour operator whose tour guides are not profesional.

Many travel agencies in Arequipa offer their clients the same circuit and the problem is that they don´t really care about their clients security. They just care about the money and they don´t inform their clients about the reality of this touristic circuit.
The main characteristic of these informal and cheap travel agencies is that they work with non-profesional guides but with informal tour guides who are exploited by travel agencies from Arequipa whose main concern is to increase their profits without caring about the security and physical integrity of their clients.

¿How it is possible that a conventional 2day tour to the Colca Canyon costs 16 US dollars and a 2day trekking tour with Peru Andes Expedition 90 soles? For that price be sure that something is wrong.

According to the investigations done the second day Paula Sibov had to go from Sangalle or Oasis to Cabanaconde. On the way she felt really sick and weak. The informal guide Sabino which is a student of the worst tourism institute of Arequipa: Elmer Faucett Institute suggested her to ride a mule which was already carrying cargo on the sides.

On a narrow point of the way the mule couldn´t continue anymore and it lost balance falling down in the depths of Colca Canyon with Paula Sibov who died after hitting the rocks on the way.
Paula Sibov is just another name in the long list of tourists that have died in Colca Canyon victims of the informality of the touristic services in Arequipa and because of the lack of professionalism of tour guides of Arequipa and the carelessness of AUTOCOLCA ,an entity whose main concern is to increase the price of the touristic tickets for visiting a place whose touristic services are CHAOTIC, a place that turned itself into the kingdom of informality.

As somebody asked me before about the difference between hotels. All hotels have beds, but they are not the same.Some of them have luxury rooms others not. The same happens with travel agencies of Arequipa so you should check carefully your trip choice before making a decision because this could be the last decision of your life.

Mule that falls down survives to the accident

According to the police officers the mule Pula was riding on fell down on a part of the path and stayed there but Paula was not so lucky and continue falling down.

Paula Sibov dies because of severe brain damage

Paula Sibov was about to finish the trekking when the accident happened. She fell down and she crashed against rocks in different points.The tourists that saw the accident were in state of shock and they couldn´t avoid crying. “We felt useless,we saw her falling and we couldn´t do anything to save her life. I am not going to come back to Colca Canyon again,definetively.These holidays are the worst of my life.I figured out that the authorities here in Colca Canyon don´t care about the tourists”.-These are the comments of the one of the visitors that arrived from Colca Canyon after the accident.

Peru Andes Expedition EIRL is one of the worst travel agencies in Arequipa

Incredibly the cheapest tour operator after the accident started to send emails to the different travel agencies in Arequipa saying that “they are the only ones in Arequipa that work with profesional tour guides”. These barefaced bastards believe that nobody knows that the guides they work with are NOT PROFESSIONAL. Peru Andes Expedition EIRL is the branch office of Santa Catalina Tours and Peru Andes survives thanks to the other irresponsible travel agencies like SOUTHAMERICAN EXPLORER that send them “victims” to take to Colca Canyon like Paula Sibov who died tragically because of the irresponsability of a travel agency of Arequipa.

James Posso the corrupted touristic promoter from AUTOCOLCA guilty of Paula Sibov´s death

The corrupted touristic promoter of AUTOCOLCA James Posso presented in a press conference a photo álbum with pictures of Colca Canyon .The death of Paula Sibov shows the reality of tourism in Arequipa and the kind of touristic promoters it has ,promoters that do nothing to improve the quality of the touristic services in Arequipa and Colca Canyon.
A real touristic promoter has to organize courses and seminars in order to improve the quality of the services offered.

The death of the brazilian tourist provoked by the irresponsability of a travel agency which sent the tourist with a ilegal tour guide who is a student of Elmer Faucett institute in Arequipa is something terrible. Colca Canyon is not a touristic marvel.

Authorities of Colca Canyon avoid the press because of the death of Paula Sibov

Authorities of Colca Canyon Elmer Caceres Llica and the other representatives of Arequipa are runing away from the press because of the death of the brazilian student.
Paula Sibov payed a touristic ticket of 70 soles in order to visit a touristic area. Paula died because of the irresponsability of the travel agency SOUTHAMERICAN EXPLORER from Arequipa which sent the tourist to do a trekking tour with an ilegal tour guide.
AUTOCOLCA is the entity in charge of the administration of this touristic circuit so they are the direct responsable ones of the death of the tourist because they are in charge of the administration of the touristic circuit and they are the ones in charge of the certification of the services provided by travel agencies of Arequipa.

No more dead tourists !

The Colca Specialist is a vitual magazine that denounces all the time the abuse of the travel agencies and corrupted authorities against the tourists.
We would like to send Greetings to all our friends in Brazil and at the same time we would like you to join us in the protest against the corrupted authorities of Colca Canyon who don´t care about the visitors but just about the money.
Send us your comments that gladly we will publish them. If you want to get more active please elaborate blogs or facebook fan pages protesting for the death of Paula Sibov. Thank you very much.

The Colca Specialist

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