Friday, March 16, 2012

Naturaleza Activa awarded by the press in Arequipa

by the Colca Specialist
One of the most famous newspapers in Arequipa Peru: DIARIO NOTICIAS recognized DOWNHILL PICHU-PICHU as the most important mountainbike circuit in Arequipa.
After several years of a patient and high quality oriented work,Naturaleza Activa ,an ecoturism specialized travel agency from Areequipa can say finally MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
This recognizition means much for the crew of NATURALEZA ACTIVA because it is until the moment the only travel agency of Arequipa which has received such recognizition.
The manager of NATURALEZA ACTIVA and at the same time creator of the awarded circuit Mr Eduardo Sánchez Bendezú thanked all the tourists who have chosen NATURALEZA ACTIVA as their tour operator in Arequipa and specially to those who did the mountainbiking tour in Pichu-Pichu volcano, now awarded as the best downhill mountainbiking circuit in Arequipa.
In the past a trademark was what the owner said about it but nowadays it is different. A trademark is now what the clients say about it –says Eduardo Sanchez.
That is why we put a lot of emphasis in the total satisfaction of our clients. This recognizition means much for all Naturaleza Activa Team beacuse it means that we are walking the right way.
The Colca Specialist wants to congratulate Mr.Eduardo Sanchez for the wonderful work he is doing as promoter of ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Arequipa and we hope to read more news like this in a near future.
The Colca Specialist.

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