Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rainy season has started in Colca Canyon

by the Colca Specialist

Summer is back once more again. Many people are ready to go to the beach which in few weeks more they will become crowded with vacationers from all the country.
In Colca Canyon the rainy season has started.While in the coast is sunny and hot in the highlands it becomes rainy and cold.

The clouds that appear on the coast of Arequipa they move towards the highlands and there they will turn into rain,hail or snow,giving life to all the flora and fauna of the area.

Because an imagen speaks more than a written text here I have some pictures for you in order to describe in a better way to you the weather conditions we are having now in our beloved Colca Canyon.

Kodak Time my friends!

This is the view of Tocjra mountainbogs on the way to Colca Canyon!

This is a view of Chucura volcano crater...fantastic!

The same view with the touristic van of Kusi Travel!

An enclosure for the alpacas and lamas...all covered with snow!

A vicuña I found on the highest point called Patapampa (4,800 mts)

The sunrise in the surroundings of Chivay...

A view of Qotallaulli volcano next to Chivay

The pictures cannot describe fully how beautiful the views were,come and visit us!

The Colca Specialist

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