Friday, January 27, 2012

Naturaleza Activa presents new downhill circuit in Arequipa

by The Colca Specialist

New Downhill Circuit in Misti volcano is awesome!

The Colca Specialist was invited to the presentation of the new downhill circuit in Misti volcano in Arequipa. There is no doubt that many tourists would like to have the same experience I had in Misti volcano. The creator of this circuit is Eduardo Sánchez “Lalo” the manager of Naturaleza Activa and the guide was the most condecorated tour guide from Arequipa Guillermo “Kamikaze” Rendón .

The tour starts at midday so if you come to Arequipa you can visit the downtown area in the morning and in the afternoon you can have this wonderful tour.

The tour is really well prepared and the guide provides you a good quantity of information about Arequipa. This tour is mix of the city tour,countryside tour and the much recommended reality tour: a tour where you can see the “both sides of the coin” in Arequipa. Watching the different neighborhoods on the way and receiving high quality information about the actual situation of Peru was very interesting. Four tours for the price of one! Excellent!

The circuit is not technical at all and it is adapted to the needs of the clients. The tour is designed for the complete satisfaction of all the clients.

There is a saying that says that an imagen speaks much more than thousand words so I am publishing the pictures I have taken during the tour. Thank you very much for reading The Colca Specialist and I hope you enjoy the pictures and the views of this circuit as much as I did! See you soon my friends!

The circuit is designed for people of all ages who want to have a wonderful experience in Arequipa!

As you can see the circuit is not technical at all

The area is peaceful and there is no much traffic in the area

A wonderful view of the inca terraces of the area.Behind we can see the impressive view of Misti volcano.

The visitors´faces expressing their happiness in this picture

A little chapel in los Arenales area.

Pichu-Pichu volcano appearing behind the green terraces

The people of the area continue keeping the inca legacy: the agriculture.

the sunset is starting in the area of Chiguata.

Misti volcano (5,825 mts) was chosen as symbol of Arequipa and its people. Arequipenians are called "mistianos" or "children of Misti"

The shadows of the sicsera cactus. A typical cactus of these areas.

Driving towards the sun... a special feeling!

a beautiful sunset in the area of Chiguata.

The sun hides behind the eucaliptus tree in Chiguata area.

We said good bye to Misti but I promised it to come back soon again!

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