Friday, April 20, 2018

Condor Travel Tour ended in tragedy in Colca Valley

By The Colca Specialist

Major of Chivay Dr. Rómulo Tinta declares that the circuit of Colca Canyon doesnt have the requirements needed to attend this kind of accidents. No hospitals, no doctors,no ambulances, just pick up vans. The video reveals the truth about the real situation of tourism in Arequipa.

Once more again the roads of Colca Valley, one of the most visited touristic attractions in Arequipa was the tragic scene of one of the most violent accidents of the current year that involved a tour operated by Condor Travel Travel Agency.

Some hours ago, a touristic van whose passengers were from Germany overturned several times downhill on one of the curves of Pallachilla area causing the death of Mr Thellen Kharleinz (62) and Mr. Landua Nolbert (61) one of them died instantaneously on the accident scene and the other on the way to the hospital of Chivay.

The tour guide of Condor Travel Elisa Juarez was one of the most affected passengers along with the driver whose condition is critical until the moment. The accident cause according to the witnesses was due to a mechanical failure. The authorities are waiting for the police investigations in order to determine the cause of the accident.

Passengers names:

Tour guide: Elisa Juarez

1 Germany Thelen Karlheinz Pasaporte CGXNXTLZ3 23/01/1956 

2 Germany Thelen Beate Pasaporte CGXNVM3LR 09/01/1962

3 Germany WIESER ALFRED JOSEF Pasaporte C5HKFT91F 03/07/1964

4 Germany BARON DOERTE ANNETT Pasaporte C0FKK8058 23/08/1964 

5 Germany BARON HEIKO Pasaporte C0FK1TFFL 06/08/1962 

6 Germany LANDUA NORBERT Pasaporte C5HKFZHR1 27/09/1957 

7 Germany Malik Helga Mathilde Pasaporte CFJ366GF1 27/08/1958 

8 Germany Malik Manfred Heinz Pasaporte CFJ31K3VF 07/10/1958 

9 Germany Koenig Renee Annette Pasaporte C3JHXPKRC 29/05/1956 

10 Germany Kubala Birgit Maria Pasaporte C3MFNN2GC 08/01/1957

11 Germany Breidenbach Siegrid Pasaporte C5N2CCYN0 05/10/1950

12 Germany Sulatycki Heidemarie Anna Pasaporte C5MZ1KFC8 14/09/1950

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