Monday, October 29, 2012

Crisis in Lima

Riots in Gamarra and la Parada provoked 4 deaths

by The Colca Specialist

Gamarra is not just a market but a symbol of peruvian entrepreneurs. La Parada is different. All the crops from different parts of Peru arrived to this place in trucks and this market has turned into a terrible focus of crime and disorder.The surroundings of La Parada have turned into a realm of crimen inhabited by criminals and other kind of undiserable people.

The major of Lima Susana Villarán decided to start to take measures against this situation and the first step was to block the access to trucks in the surrounding streets of La Parada with concrete blocks.

According to the investigations done some owners of stores hired “matones” or “gang members” to fight the police that day,undiserables who lived in very poor areas of Lima specially inhabitants of Cerro San Cosme and other places of Lima.

The policemen arrived to the place and the concrete blocks were put on the indicated places. In those moments the riot started. A police unit riding horses arrived to the place but the number of rioters was superior to the cops´number and everything became a chaos.other group of rioters attacked Gamarra market and they started to plunder the market as we can see on the pictures.

The cameramen of different TV channels were attacked and their cameras captured all the disaster that happened in the area, imagens that just reveal the real situation of a country where corruption still rules and where criminality is like our daily bread everyday.

Police riding horses on streets crowded of criminals! That is really stupid. On 2012 and peruvian police continues fighting these criminals with sticks and shields

The horses of the historical unit od the mounted police were attacked  by the vandals too as you can see in the videos on youtube.

The female horse Lamar broke a leg when it falled down with its horserider. The cop was pulled by the vandals and it was attacked with rocks and other things. Is Lima a safe place? I don´t think so.

These criminals didn´t think on human rights when they attack policemen or other inocent people. In some states of United States there is death sentence for criminals like these. As peruvians we don´t understand why United States representatives are all the time are advising peruvian presidents to avoid the establishment of the death sentence.

Southamerica according to the famous writer Andres Oppenheimer,a columnist of Miami Herald, he says that Southamerica has turned into an unsafe place. Lima is more dangerous than Bagdad suburbs and as dangerous as the capital of kidnappings in Southamerica: Colombia.

The scenes of criminals attacking the fallen cops and the fallen horses are terrible.

We cannot fight those criminals with just sticks and shields. As an exmilitary officer it seems to me that the general of the peruvian police is a complete idiot. Don´t ask me what do I think about the president at this moment…

All peruvians feel that this situation reveals the real situation of the country.We have touched the bottom. The imagen of the touristic Lima and its make-up created in the last years are gone.

We have seen the images of a country suffering because of different kinds of leper.

Not even the animals escaped from the violence of these criminals and it is not fair to use undefenseless animals like horses to fight these undiserable ones.

The Colca Specialist protests openly against the use of horses to fight armed rioters or strikers.We hope WWF and the other world associations will help us to protest against the use of horses in situations like these.

Thank you very much.

The Colca Specialist

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