Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spanish tourist dies in Colca Canyon

by The Colca Specialist

Once more again the Colca Canyon becomes th scenery of Death.The spanish tourist Javier Gonzales Bautista (36 years old) died in a trekking circuit inside the Colca Canyon (October 21)when he fell down to the canyon in the area of Malata village.According to the investigations done he tried to recover some bottles of water he lost on the way when the accident happened.He lost balance and he went down 150 meters dying because of severe craneal damage.

AUTOCOLCA the authority in charge of the manteinance of the trekking circuit is once more again the direct responsible for this accident because part of the path in the area of Malata has become very dangerous for the tourists who are doing trekking inside the Colca Canyon. 

The reason is that in that area part of the path has been covered by a landslide and the trekking path is almost gone so what  are doing the corrupted authorities of AUTOCOLCA with the money obtained from the touristic tickets?

They are doing absolutely nothing in order to improve the services provided to the tourists. Several tourists fell down inside the Colca Canyon not only because of informal tour guides but also because of the poorly done paths without good signals.

Some months ago the brazilian tourist Paula Sibov died almost the same way inside Colca Canyon.(See of Colca Canyon specially those of AUTOCOLCA who are the ones in charge of the administration of the area just care about making money and they don´t care about the safety of the visitors.

The Colca Specialist recommends all the visitors to buy tours with responsible well known tour companies or if you go alone check all the information available in order to avoid all these painful situations.

The Colca Specialist

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