Monday, November 29, 2010

Downhill mountainbiking in Colca canyon

by the Colca Specialist

Definitively true! Colca valley and Colca canyon are wonderful places for mountainbiking. Today I would like to share with you pictures of my last mountainbiking event presented by Planet X Adventures called KAMIKAZE NITRO XT-2010 DOWNHILL COLCA CANYON.
This was the fourth time I descended Colca Canyon on a mountainbike.
received any kind of financial aid from the local authorities. Nothing is done to diffuse sports to the young people neither to create new touristic circuits in Cabanaconde.
All the events done were sponsored by private companies. None of these events In this event the downhill team was compound by Guillermo Rendón, John Medina Rendón, Edison “Chiqui” Gomosio and the dutch cyclist Esther Visscher.
Pablo Masías Nuñez del Prado, director of the TV program Pureq Runa was one of the guests of this important event.
The circuit goes from Cabanaconde and then it goes down to Soro area, which is a small communa inside Colca Canyon.
The views are really amazing and the views of the canyon are not the same as the ones seen on the area of the condor cross.
The trail we used to go down is a dirt road wide enough for a van or a small truck.
It´s not technical at all and you can go as fast as you can.
Words cannot describe the experience we had in this places.
It is a wonderful circuit. You can go downhill with your mountainbike until the bed of the river and then you can go walking to Soro or to Llahuar which is close. Mountainbiking and trekking. Fantastic.
Don´t hesitate and take this tour! If you really love nature and adventure this is the right option for you! Kodak time!

In this picture we can see Pablo Masías Nuñez del Prado and Guillermo Rendón ,the most famous and controversial downhill mountainbiker in Arequipa. Don´t confuse him with Darth Vader!

The new generation participated in this event,here we can see John Alexis Medina, a downhill mountainbiker from Arequipa.

The views of the Colca Canyon are spectacular. The place has no comparison with the condor cross that in the last years turn into "the condor marketplace". No noisy groups,no vendors. Fantastic!

The dutch cyclist Esther Visscher having a great time in the Colca Canyon !

Edison "chiqui"Gomosio ,the most popular mountainbiking guide from Cabanaconde showing his skills to the cameraman from peruvian TV program Pureq Runa.

More impressive views of the majestic Colca Canyon: the condors realm!

Here we can see the dirt trail wide enough to run safely! This circuit is marvelous.We don´t understand why the majors of Cabanaconde do nothing to publish more information about this circuit.

Pablo Masias the director of the TV program Pureq Runa and his cameraman Rodolfo enjoying the views of Colca Canyon!

Edison "Chiqui" Gomosio posing condor style for a picture !

Wow! This picture was taken seconds before the fall...

The broom car coming to pick up the mountainbikers...

A nice view of Colca River,in the area close to Soro.

Kodak Time for Esther Visscher! This pictures would never be forgotten!

Now we are going up in the broom car back to Cabanaconde...The adventure was great and we will come back again for another adventure!

A wonderful view of Cabanaconde, we hope you have enjoyed these pics and we invite you to come with us the next time!

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