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Tania Anconeira: The voice of Tisco

Tania Anconeira: The voice of Tisco

by The Colca Specialist

Tania Anconeira is a local entrepreneur from Tisco a village located in the upper part of Colca Valley. Like many other native inhabitants she left her homeland looking for making her dreams come true. She wanted to become a travel agent in order to show the natural beauty of her homeland Tisco, a place that at the moment is forgotten by the authorities and the travel agencies from Arequipa.

Sustainable tourism doesn´t exist in Colca Valley and tourism is mainly oriented towards Chivay which has become the starting point to the different visits to the Colca Canyon. Tisco and other villages from Colca Canyon have many different natural attractions that are not promoted by the authorities from Arequipa so Tania decided to become the voice of Tisco in Arequipa.

She decided to open a travel agency in Arequipa with the purpose of taking active part in the touristic promotion of her homeland but at the beginning it was not easy. Opening a travel agency in Arequipa is not a child´s task especially if you come from the highlands. Discrimination is still active in Arequipa and we have to manage with that in a careful way- replies Tania smiling after having made her dream come true. Before being a travel agent Tania collaborated with the tourism department of the Municipality of Arequipa.

There are many places in Colca Valley and Colca Canyon that are not visited by the tourists. When the tourists realize that there are many more places they don´t understand why the travel agencies of Arequipa don´t include those places in their touristic programs. The reason is very simple: economic interests. Many travel agents of Arequipa have their own businesses especially in Chivay .It is reasonable that their businesses would be affected if the clients go to other places.

Several months ago Tania associated with other friend, opened a travel agency which is called TY TRAVELS AND ADVENTURE TRAVEL AGENCY in Arequipa and they started offering tours to different places in Arequipa at reasonable prices. One of the tours I liked much is the city tour with museums included which gives the visitor a better comprehension about the reality of Arequipa most of the time misunderstood by the visitors. They also organized photograph safaris to different places specially to Colca Valley and Tisco ,Tanias homeland.
If you have a special tour you would like to be done don´t worry, the only thing you´ve got to do is to send them an email or contact them in order to get free information about their tours. You can write to:





0051-54691669 (OFFICE)




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