Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Simpsons protest against travel agencies and tour guides from Arequipa.

by the Colca Specialist

The most important tour guides association from Colca Canyon ASGUIP TUCAY has declared Eddy del Carpio,the president of AVIT (travel agencies association from Arequipa) as not welcome in Colca Canyon area.

ASGUIP TUCAY has published a list of UNDESIRABLE TOUR GUIDES AND TRAVEL AGENCIES FROM AREQUIPA,travel agencies and tour guides that were involve in scandals of corruption, prostitution, rapism, accidents, fraud , abusive commissions and other problems that are affecting the development of sustainable tourism in Colca Canyon .

How can Colca Canyon be considered as one of the marvels of the world if there are problems that are affecting the development of tourism in the area? Basics first. If the authorities want Colca Canyon to be considered as one of the marvels of the world ,first, they need to pave the road and then to put order in this circus of commissionists!

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At the same time The Simpsoms, one of the most popular cartoons of peruvian kids were chosen to create posters as part of the campaign against the abusive tour guides commissions which are increasing each time more.

The representatives of AUTOCOLCA until the moment have done nothing to solve the problem. The major of Caylloma province needs to take measures against this situation that is not only affecting the economy of locals but tourists economy too. The complaints of tourists have increased in the last months and many of them feel that they were overcharged by the touristic restaurants which is right.

We are sure that the posters and the T- shirts will become pieces of collection in Colca Canyon area, and if you see one poster or one T- shirt of this campaign buy one! In that way you will be supporting the natives of Colca and the tourists too!

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