Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Famous people in Colca Canyon Part I

by the Colca Specialist

Miguel Rumaldo Mamani Huanca

To talk about Miguel Rumaldo Mamani Huanca means to talk about mountainbiking. He took part in several road cycling competitions and cross country events and his reputation as a champion is well known in Arequipa.

Miguel Mamani is not just a professional cyclist but also a touristic promoter and a tour guide from Caylloma province, a province where the Colca Canyon is located.

As a professional tour guide and touristic promoter I had the opportunity of traveling with very qualified tour guides from Arequipa,but let me tell you something, traveling with a local guide is very interesting because their knowledge doesn´t come just from books but from their daily experience.

If you go to Chivay just by yourself you can contact him and you won´t be disappointed. Miguel Mamani won´t offer you the classical boring two-day tour to the Colca Canyon but other circuits that are not visited by tourists such as the tour to Mismi volcano which is the source of Amazon river, mountainbiking and trekking in the Colca Canyon among other tours that are very interesting and worth to be done. The prices are cheaper than in Arequipa. Enough reasons to book for tours with local guides from Colca Canyon.

Miguel Mamani has a passion for tourism and he loves to show the culture of his people to the visitors. He is very patient with the tourists which is important and he is very helpful.
If you are traveling by yourself or you are looking for free info about the different circuits in Colca Canyon you can write him to: You won´t be disappointed!

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