Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hostals in Colca Valley: La Pascana Hostal 

By the Colca Specialist

Speaking about Colca Valley and its villages means to speak about traditions. One of the traditions kept in the Andean world is that associated to hospitality. Hospitality in the Andean world is more than just providing a shelter to the traveler or wayfarer. It means to share. Reciprocity or Ayni is one of the principles of Sumaq Qawsay or Good Living, a living world in which we are bred and we breed others at the same time: Uywakuy.

Grover Muñoz ,a local entrepreneur of Chivay wished all the time to share with all the foreign visitors some things he like the most: his knowledge about his homeland and his food. In his house he opened a small restaurant which is the favorite of local authorities and inhabitants which started to be visited by tourists in the last years. Why? Because of the tasty food he provides to his customers and his friendly and warmth attention. The prices are reasonable, food quality is good and NO COMMISSIONS.  After working hard during some years Mr Grover inagurated a hostal which is classified by Peruvians as BBB ,initials that stand for Bueno,Bonito y Barato (Good,Beautiful and Non-Expensive).

La Pascana Hostal and Restaurant offers its clients different alternative services such as guiding service, visits to the source of Amazon River in Mismi Volcano, transfers to Arequipa and other destinies, and transfers from Colca Valley to Puno. Stayin in La Pascana means to stay in a safe comfortable place with several options for doing other activities. One of the main advantages is that is located in Chivay which has different services such as gas stations,hotels,restaurants, and hospitals in case of unexpected health problems such as altitude sickness or others. You can book in:

Telf: (051-054) -531001
Valle del Colca - Chivay - Arequipa – Perú

Hostal and Restaurant la Pascana is waiting for you my friends and this is Kodak time for you now!

The Colca Specialist.

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