Friday, February 24, 2012

Are you a Zombie blogger?

by the Colca Specialist

I know my dear readers that you will enjoy this article.Computers are part of many people lifes around the world and of course Blogging too.
This article will tell us in a specific way if we have the Zombie blogger syndrome.
Enjoy it!

The Colca Specialist

Stop Being A Zombie Blogger And Get On With Your Life!

By Robert Boland

So you’re sitting there, groggy eyed, head pounding with a triple espresso in your shaking hand as your eyes stare with an empty gaze at your laptop’s screen. You’re constantly refreshing your adsense page, checking to see how your earnings are doing. Suddenly your eyes flicker and something in the corner of your brain registers what you’ve just seen on the screen.

“Today so far: $0.01”

Well at least it’s an improvement on yesterday…

Now come on guys pull yourselves together. That’s not how you blog! So many people find themselves in this situation. They sit at their computer all day, scouring the web and reading up about how to make money online, how to blog, how to get visitors to their site. They click through link after link, page after page, blog after blog, watch video after video and even read interviews of brilliant bloggers on my new site, all the while simultaneously refreshing their adsense page in another window. I call them “Zombie Bloggers”

Your Typical Zombie Blogger

They do the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes to take a break to go and rant on some blogging forum to try and figure out why they aren’t making any money. They claim they’ve done everything. They’ll tell you that they’re writing 3 posts a day, commenting on every blog they come across, they’re constantly tweeting and pushing their sites on social networks and ensuring that all their pages are fully SEO optimised, but still they haven’t got a single cheque from Google.

These Zombie Bloggers live off caffeine and sugary snacks, their desks are littered with crushed styrofoam coffee cups and they live in a world of denial. They’ve bought every e-book on the web, signed up to every course they could find and bought the best wordpress themes out there, but what have they done to actually get their blog going?


Wake Up And Move!

If you are one of these Zombie Bloggers (you’ll probably never admit it) I am about to give you a right kicking. Clear your coffee stained desk of all those Styrofoam cups, throw away all those energy bar wrappers and open up your blinds. Don’t be afraid of the light streaming in your window, it won’t hurt you.

Now next step is to go outside, go for a walk, a run, a jog or swim, anything to get those limbs moving again. Get some oxygen into your head so you can think straight and go drink mountains of water to flush out all that coffee. Then sit down and compose yourself, close your eyes for a minute and clear your head, time to get back to reality.

Welcome Back To Reality

Now that you’re back to life again let’s have a look at the situation. You’ve got a blog, you know what to do to get it going, you know it will take time so why aren’t you doing anything?
Grab yourself a pen and paper, and write down what needs to be done. Prioritize that list and put down how long you’re going to spend at each activity.

What next? Go get a coffee? Check your adsense earnings? NO!

Start working now! Today is when you’re going to finally sort yourself out, if you want to get anything out of blogging apart from a headache, now is when you need to start working once and for all. Even if you just write one post, make sure you’ve optimised it for SEO and then do a bit of promotion, that’s a start. Take small steps, if you go and overload yourself again you’ll just become a Zombie Blogger once more, and trust me, that’s not what you want.

Do yourself a favour and don’t look at your adsense page for at least 2 weeks. No cheating, no sly peaks, nothing. In fact don’t look at your sites traffic either for 2 weeks. Instead just focus on working and developing your blog, add fresh content, optimise it, do some networking. I can pretty much guarantee that you will see both an increase in traffic and earnings after those 2 weeks.

Nice To See You Again

Now that you’ve successfully escaped from the dark realm of the Zombie Blogger it’s time to start making some money. Keep yourself motivated, read this post again and again, don’t let yourself slip back into the world of a Zombie Blogger.

I can promise you, you will be a much happier blogger, a wealthier blogger and a happier person now that you’ve successfully managed to bring your life back from the dark side.
Were you a Zombie Blogger? Or maybe you still are?
Hopefully I’ve saved you and got your blog back on track, let me know in the comments below.

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