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Corpse of peruvian student was found in Colca Canyon

by the Colca Specialist

The corpse of the Peruvian student Ciro Castillo Rojo was found this April 21 on the cliffs near Bomboya mountain after an intensive search of 6 months.

Ciro Castillo Rojo and Rosario Ponce,a couple of students from Lima got lost in Colca Canyon when they were doing a trekking circuit from Madrigal to Tapay village.
Unfortunately the couple got lost in the surroundings of Bomboya area getting inside an abysm without an easy way out.

Rosario Ponce was found after ten days dehydrated but still conciouss but her couple Ciro was not found with her.

According to Rosario Ponce version , Ciro Castillo Rojo left her in order to look for help in Tapay area but Ciro never arrived there. Many different rescue teams took part in this search of Ciro but after several months of speculations and failed expeditions, the corpse of Ciro Castillo Rojo was found by a local mountain guide from Pinchollo Eloy Cacya.

The authorities actually investigate if Ciro Castillo Rojo was killed or not. Rosario Ponce is being investigated too.

Was Ciro Castillo the first lost student on the Bomboya?

Definitively no. Ciro Castillo Rojo was not the first one neither the only one. There were many tourists who got lost in the same circuit. The main mistake of these students was traveling without a local guide. Local guides know the area very well and in that circuit it is very important to hire one because on the area there are several paths that nobody knows very well where they end.

Bomboya is not the inca trail. There are no signs,nothing. If you get lost there you are in trouble because you are walking in the mountain range area which is very wide and wild.Walking with the aid of a touristic map is not a good idea.It is stupid!
Bomboya cannot be done in three days but five and you need a local guide in order to take the proper way.

If a tourist get lost in Colca Canyon nobody will look for him/her. There were many tourists that got lost in Bomboya area and nobody looked for them.

Ciro Castillo Rojo and Rosario Ponce belong to rich and important families from Lima. That is the difference. If I get lost in the area nobody will look for me but if the daughter of a congressman gets lost be sure that all the army is going to look for her. So before planning an expedition on the Andes Mountain Range is important to know what to expect in case you get lost.

Besides the rescue teams in Colca Canyon don´t have the necessary equipment for rescue expeditions. There is no helicopter designed for this kind of operations.So it is better to take the proper measures before doing an expedition in Bomboya area. Mistakes can have a tragic end like that of Ciro.

I am taking a trekking tour in Colca Canyon!

Well done,but what about if you fall on the way. Are you traveling with a professional tour guide or you are traveling with a non-professional trekking guide?
Think it twice before taking a trip. Situations like this should never happen anymore!

The Colca Specialist

The family of Ciro Castillo left this banner on the walls of the church of Chivay saying thank you Chivay for your help in the search of Ciro.

Carol Chamán and Ramón Flores ,members of a rescue team called "Los Topos de Mexico" helped the family of Ciro Castillo in the search of the lost student.

Carol Chamán and Ramón Flores were living in this hotel called "La Casa de Anita" keep this name in mind because this is the worst place in Chivay. Carol Chamán and Ramón Flores belongings were stolen in this hotel.

Somebody got inside the room and took all the results of the investigations done by the couple. GPS and other specialized equipment were stolen in this hotel. It is a shame that until the moment the police has done nothing about this situation! The couple came to help people in disgrace and they were stolen! The one in charge of the hotel is a man called ELVIS ROMERO.Take care much and don´t stay in this hotel.

On the wall you see several advertisements and if you pay attention the real name was put in the upper part of the left side in order to hide the name of the hotel after this event.

Eloy Cacya, a mountain guide from Colca Canyon. He was the one who found the dead body of Ciro Castillo Rojo. Eloy is from Colca Canyon and as we said before the role of local guides is very important for the development of tourism in the area. A local guide knows his homeland very well much better than tour guides from Arequipa.Eloy Cacya now has a dream: to open a school for local guides in his native village, Pinchollo in Colca Canyon.

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