Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tour guides from Arequipa are crap!

by the Colca Specialist

The title may sound hard but these were the words of the general secretary of the local tour guides association from Colca Canyon ASGUIP TUCAY .

Guillermo Rendón Cuadros rejected the official invitation sent by the Municipality of Arequipa to his person in order to participate in the tourism festival programmed for today.

Today is the international day of tourism and Guillermo Rendón rejected the invitation to participate in this tourism festival as a protest against the abusive tour guides commissions which are affecting the people of Colca Valley and Colca Canyon.

Tour guides from Arequipa are crap! I am not going to share the same table with these corrupted people- said the leader of the strongest tour guides association from Colca Canyon.

"We cannot pretend that everything is good. In colca Canyon there are many problems. Problems that the authorities don´t want to solve because of their political and economical interests".

What is true is that unsustainable tourism is a BIG problem in Colca Canyon. A problem that has turned into a hot potato that nobody wants to carry or solve it.

Guillermo Rendón Cuadros decided to send the invitation back inside a brown envelope the same way the beatles did with the queens invitation.

The incas rebellion continues and it is still alive in the lands of the andean condor: The Colca Canyon.

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