Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A quite good place to seat and write in Chivay

by the Colca Specialist

One of my favorite places to drink coffee is a place called Innkas which is located in the main square of Chivay.The service is quite good and you are far away from the noisy groups of tourists.

Once there, one of the things the Colca Specialist loves to do is to sit and to enjoy a cup of coffee good for the cold weather of Chivay.The inspiration comes and I take advantage to write the articles my readers like.

The restaurant is one of the old houses of Chivay who was restored by the owners of Innkas and it is a nice place to visit.

Marco and Ximena are very helpful specially if you need information about the area and they are very kind persons.

They prepare different kind of dishes and snacks too and the service is very good!

Thank you very much Marco and Ximena for your kind attention! Be sure that the Colca Specialist is coming back soon to enjoy the taste of a good Pisco Sour!

Your friend the Colca Specialist.

This is a picture of Innkas which is located in the main square of Chivay.

If you like to play pool the best pool table is awaiting for you!

The Innkas is a good place for having dinner and some drinks too!

Ximena the owner of Innkas showing the Colca Specialist her skills in the art of playing pool!

If you like to seat outside this is the right place for you!

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