Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bicisport magazine sponsors mountainbiking events in Colca Canyon

By the Colca Specialist

Bicisport is a peruvian magazine which covers all the cycling and mountainbiking events in Arequipa and in all the country.

Directed by Barlow Paz Bustamante,one of the old glories of cycling in Arequipa is at the moment the only magazine in Arequipa and in Peru that covers this sport.
Colca Canyon is the place where the most important mountainbiking events took place specially in the last years and Bicisport was all the time there to support this wonderful sport in all its different specialties and its followers.

Barlow Paz Bustamante was part of the group of brave cyclists who departed from the source of Amazon River ,located next to Mismi volcano (5,597 mts) and traveled towards Cotahuasi Canyon , a group headed by the major of Caylloma province Dr. Jorge Cueva Tejada whose main effort was to promote Colca Canyon and its natural attractions in a corridor that joins the deepest canyons of the world.

Bicisport is also promoting all the different mountainbiking circuits available in Colca valley and Colca canyon ,specially the downhill circuits in Colca canyon, which are, according to the mountainbiking specialists, the best circuits in all the south of Peru.

Downhill Colca Canyon is a circuit that promises a lot and in a near future Cabanaconde village will turn into the Meca of Downhill mountainbiking thanks to the efforts of all the promoters of this circuit specially those of Guillermo Rendón Cuadros the promoter of this circuit.

Bicisport magazine is going to have in these days an official blogsite where all the cyclists can read about the last news and events in this sport of the two wheels.The blogsite will have plenty of information about cycling and mountainbiking circuits in Arequipa among other articles of interest.

Everybody is awaiting for the downhill mountainbiking exhibitions to be done in Cabanaconde district in Colca canyon,exhibitions that will be in charge of the Kamikaze Nitro Guillermo Rendón and sponsored by the major of Cabanaconde Jorge Guerra Bernedo, Bicisport magazine and Pureq Runa TV program.Thank you very much Barlow and let´s keep the wheels moving!

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