Thursday, December 23, 2010

Motorcycling in Colca "not recomended"

by the Colca Specialist

Motorcycling is a fantastic sport and as I said before Colca Canyon and Colca Valley are the dreamed paradise of adventure sports,but to reach these places you need to take the road that goes from Arequipa to Puno before you reach the crossroads that will lead you to Colca Valley.
The way the peolple drive here is chaotic!

Alex Paul was an american tourist who rented a "chinese" motorcycle in Arequipa ,and he went alone by himself to Colca Canyon.

When he was coming back to Arequipa, at 5:50 pm aproximatedly,he took a curve and for his disgrace a bus from a company called "ANDALUCIA" was passing other bus on a closed curved!
These drivers are criminals on 4 wheels!

Alex Paul couldn´t make it and he was run over by the bus that invaded his side and died instantly.

Travel agencies in Arequipa are not specialized in adventure sports, and the tourist was not given the right information about the circuit.

First, he traveled alone without van support which is important and he was not informed that the road he was taking has the highest record of accidents and crashes beacsue of excessive speeds and careless maneuvers.

In Arequipa, there are no specialized motorcycling tour operators, so you should be careful about your tours.

As we said before, informality is a problem here in Arequipa ,so you should check your book guides and you can ask your tour operators for their licenses.

Besides you should check the equipment. Chinese motorcycles are not good quality and it´s like doing parachuting with old and torn parachutes!

Vacactions are important but your life is more important!
Tragic ends like Jean Pauls´s should be avoided!

Andalucía is the worst company in Colca Canyon. Don´t risk your life with companies like this!
This is a picture of one of the accidents ANDALUCIA had in Colca Valley.

As a personal eyewitness of Jean Paul´s accident ,it was terrible for me to see this young boy (23 years old) dying because of a fool who doesn´t care about traffic rules. Rest in peace Jean Paul wherever you are...

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