Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures of the snow maiden Juanita

A wonderful view of Sabancaya volcanoe which was active.The ashes covered a wide area in the surroundings including Ampato volcanoe where Juanita the snow maiden was found.The increase of temperature and the fall of ashes provoked the melting of part of the glaciers and Juanita´s ice cover dissapear and the snow maiden ended exposed to the view of its discoverers.

A beautiful view of Ampato volcanoe in the afternoon.The original name is "Hampatu" in quechua language which is a name that describes a specific type of frog.Frogs are associated to rituals of fertility and they were considered as the favorite creatures of Pachamama (The Mother Earth).

Here we have another view of Sabancaya volcanoe and as you can appreciate here we see that part of the glacier is melt because of the effect of the volcanic ashes fall.

This is a complete picture of the snow maiden called Juanita.

From the top of Ampato volcanoe we can see the other peaks and mountains of the area.

On the top of Ampato volcanoe.

On the way to Ampato volcano.This picture was taken from Patapampa area.

A picture of the snow maiden Juanita in the museum in Arequipa.

A picture and a diagram of the burial of Juanita.

A lateral picture of Juanita the snow maiden.

Juanita is one of the most important archeological findings in Peru because thanks to the research done by the specialists of human genoma program whose headquarters are located in John Hopkins hospital in United States we have a better comprehension about the origin of the peruvian people.

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